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We have also been handed a pair of glove that were picked up on route. Each glove was handed in separately but looks like they are a matching pair (possibly ladies).

Phil Benham has kindly taken the below pictures of the race and has said we can share them.

Another year over after a 2 year gap. Hope everyone enjoyed the race. I have inserted a copy of the results on the Results page. If you feel there are any problems please let us know. I think we have covered everything as we had a duplicate finisher in the results. A Naughty Doddler crossed the line twice! Hope to see you all again on December 4th 2022. Have a safe and good Christmas and enjoy the puddings!

Presented the
23rd Full Monty Cute 2022
Sunday December 4th 2022

The 2022 Race will be open for online and postal entries from tomorrow August 3rd 2022

Presented the
22nd Full Monty Cute 2021
Sunday December 5th 2021

Hopefully all is set for a good day on Sunday.

Can I just remind people that if they want any food on Race morning we will have our new caterers who are actually based on our route at Bagnell Farm and you will probably pass their products on route as they have Ruby Red Devon Cattle and the free Range pigs up in the High Wood area.

Bacon &egg roll £4.00

Breakfast wrap £6.00

Chips £4.00

Burger and fries £6.00

Burger £5.00

Cold cans £1.50

Water £1.00

Tea&coffee £1.50

Hot chocolate £2.00

We should also have our Cake ladies again and of course the Price of Wales will also be open although we would suggest you may need to pre-book directly with them if you want food.

Monty Route a complaint. I have just been in contact with the Rangers at Ham Hill, see below. Can all runners who are sussing out the route please ensure they close gates properly. This may not be anything to do with local runners but it is a rather out of the way point and not on the usual footpath areas so its a good chance it someone who is training for the Monty. Please follow the country code and don’t spoil it for all of us.

We have had a couple of complaints from the grazier over the last few weeks about runners leaving a field gate open. It is the metal gate that leads to Pit Pond. Unfortunately, it happened again on Friday and cattle managed to get out on the road. I don’t know if there is any way for you to contact people training for the race but a gentle nudge to ‘please close the gate’ would be most welcome.

Further updates: The broken bridge/ walkway situation is now resolved but there is a tree down in the High Wood area (see by us and Yeovil Town runners). This will be sorted in due course. Also I have just emailed all entrance regarding changes to Race number pick up and a Covid review. I have attached the revised instructions to this website. And key point also below:

Depending on the latest situation with Covid 19 restriction in place in December we need to make it clear that if you have tested Positive in the last 10 days, have Covid symptoms or are waiting upon test results you should not attend this event. We do ask that you respect other people, runners and our volunteer Marshals  and social distance in the area both inside and outside the venue and also on route. We will be putting in any necessary precautions to keep us all as safe as possible.

Update on Registration and Race number pick up

Following on from a review of our Covid risk assessments we have taken steps to reduce the numbers who need to pick up race numbers on the morning. If you already have your race number then there is no need to register on race day.

 We have already send out Race numbers to those who included a SAE and to the following Clubs. They should already be aware to pick up numbers from the  nominated person at that club.

Axe Valley, BHAM!, Chard, Dorchester RIOT, Dorset Doddlers, Langport, Running for time, Street Striders, Weston AC and Yeovil town (139 runners).

For those who are left can we please ask if you are a small family group or club group that you consider to nominate a single person to pick up all the numbers.

On the day we will be operating a one way system and to only allow 3 persons inside for pick up at a time. We will have hand sanitiser available and a QR Code. So please if you can wear a face covering for pickup so we can all stay safe.

Kit storage: We will not be offering any indoor storage or within a car at finish this year so you will need to leave with family member or your car.

Just a quick update: Everything is now coming together. We are please to say that the Cake ladies will be back with there stall and we will have a new caterer serving Hot drinks and Food. We found them thanks to our hosts at South Somerset District Council (Katy and Paul). To keep it local our caterers are based at Bagnell Farm (Farmer Parsons Catering) (See https://www.facebook.com/groups/223045503157117/ ) which is on the Monty Route between miles 6 and 8.

Also we ran the route last weekend and there is a broken ‘bridge/ board walk’ at at just after miles 8 (between Greenham Cross and the Bagnell Farm track). This has been reported (in April) and has been chased up and we have been told will be fixed before race day. So if any local runners are out on route then take care.

Thanks to those who have now entered the event, despite our late start entries have gone mad and we are now full for this year.

The event is now open for entries, please bare with us (me) while I try to get to grips with this new website host. We are concentrating on getting entry forms and online entries set up. Online entry via this link: https://www.fullonsport.com/event/full-montycute-10-trail-race-22nd-year/profile

You can download an entry form via this site or Crewkerne Running Clubs main website: http://www.crewkernerunning.club/index.php/2015-04-15-22-15-36/full-monty/race-entry

If all else fails please email me: martin.cook123@btinternet.com

Interesting 2020 Monty Fact.

During the weekend of 29th/30th August Andy Dickinson from Crewkerne Running Club set himself a challedge of completing 10 laps of the Full monty Route ably supported by socially distancing club members. Andy completed the distance of 107 miles in 27 hours 14 minutes and 54 seconds with a total ascent of 16,000 ft.

Also in 2014 we had this brilliant youtube videos of the particularly Muddy years event :

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